Peanut Roasting Machine

Techniques for using peanut roasting machine

KMEC is a professional manufacturer of peanut roasting machine with years of experience. We have made an improvement in all aspects to make our peanut roasting machine with proper structure, nice exterior, convenient operation, high quality and low price. The peanut roasting machine can be applied for peanut and vegetable processing in food factories and favored by the majority of users with its excellent performance and reasonable price.

Peanut Roasting MachinePeanut Roasting Machine

Here are some instructions and precautions of KL peanut roasting machine.
1, Quality coal should be used in the process of peanut roasting machine. The fire grate should be cleaned in time in order to prevent bad ventilation caused by the coking of coal.
2. Check the oil level display tube of the expansion tank before you make the fire to ensure that the level is 20 mm higher than the bottom of glass tube. 330# heat conduction oil should be added timely if the oil level is not up to that standard.
3, When the temperature of fire rises, close the feed inlet, outlet and air outlet of the peanut roasting machine to ensure that the working temperature of the peanut roasting machine. After feeding, open the air outlet valve so that the moisture can be discharged.
4, The feeding of each rotating cage should be spaced 10-15 minutes to prevent discharging at the same time, affecting the quality of peanut roasting.
5, Clean up the residual slag on the bottom before making a fire to prevent the clogging of fire grate that would affect the heating time of the heater.
6, In the roasting process, start the positive inversion button discontinuously, so that the peanuts in the rotating cage can be evenly heated.
7, If there is a power failure in the roasting process, the operator should quickly turn the handwheel in reverse for discharging to prevent losses caused by scorched peanuts.
8, At the end of the work, the operator should stop heating immediately. When the temperature of peanut roasting machine drops to 80 degrees, stop the rotating cage to prevent static deformation under high temperature.
9, When roasting blanched peanuts, the working temperature should be 180℃ and the roasting time is about 20-25 minutes. The roasting temperature of peanut with red membrane is 200-220℃ for 60-70 minutes. For roasting peanuts in shell, the working temperature should be 200-220℃ with roasting time for 70-80 minutes. Because of different moisture content of peanut, the operator should roaste for 1-2 furnace to work out the data for bulk production.

KMEC is the leading Chinese manufacturer for the development, design and production of peanut machinery. We have been leading the development of peanut machinery industry over years with rich production experience, first-class production equipment and excellent products. The peanut roasting machine produced by our company has been sold to Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries and trusted and praised by vast number of users.



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