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KL-2 Commercial Roaster Machines for Sale

Application: for the roasting and drying of nuts like peanuts, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, almond, walnuts, soybean and chestnuts etc. KL-2 series double drum peanut roasters are made of metal material, which is composed of a driving device, an electric heating pipe, an electric control box, an exhaust port and so on. The peanut roasters have compact structure and easy to operate. It is powered by the cycloidal pin speed reducer, the rotating drum rotates through the transmission of the chain. Peanut roasters adopt the way of infrared heating, the heat is radiated to the food being roasted through an electric heating tube. The working temperature of the peanut roaster is controlled automatically by a temperature controller to control the working temperature in the range of the setting temperature. It is the most ideal equipment for roasting granular foods such as groundnut, melon seeds, almonds, walnuts and grain crops.

electrical heating peanut roaster machine
The roaster machine can be designed for using coal, electricy and gas as its fuel according to customer request.


Specification of roasting machine

Common troubles and solutions of peanut roasters machine

You may encounter some breakdowns in the use of the roaster machine, the following is the common troubles and solutions. Hope it is helpful for users. Following are the main points:
1, The speed of drum is irregular. The reason is that the belt is too loose. Solution: tighten the belt.
2, The drum does not turn. The reason is the belt breakage. Solution: replace the belt.
3, The heating up speed is too slow, this is caused by part or the whole heating pipe burned, check and replace the electric heating tube carefully.
4, In the process of temperature rise, temperature failure occurs. The upper temperature limit is normal, while the lower temperature limit shows constant drop of the temperature. The reason is the failure of the temperature controller and thermocouple. You need to replace the temperature controller and thermocouple of same type.

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