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KS Sweet Potato Roasting Machine

KS roasting machine is used to roast all kinds of agricultural products like sweet potato, apple, yellow pear, corn, taro, potato, etc.

Sweet Potato Roasting Machine Sweet Potato Roasting Machine

The roasting machine has 9 holes and 11 holes for chosen with the heat preservation cabinet. It is made of whole plate of stainless steel with large capacity and small entrance. The roasting machine can save 30% energy compared with ordinary roasting machine. The efficiency of inhaling oxygen is excellent and the firepower is uniform. Scorched or burnt phenomenon would not caused by too much fire. There is a heat transfer and insulation cabinet with large capacity in the top, which allows you to cook more delicious food in limited times.

Roasted Sweet Potato,Corn,Taro,Potato


light the fuel and preheat for 10-30 minutes. Place big sweet potato in the middle holes and small in the side holes. Put 3-5 sweet potato in each hole. Close the door after the roasting machine is full of sweet potato. Making the sweet potato upside down after roasting for 10-20 minutes until to be baked.

"Roasted corn is sweeter than sweet potatoes." recently, roasted corns become popular and can be seen everywhere in the street. Many sweet potato roasting stalls also start to roasting corns and selling quite well. Roasted corn is mainly made with a hole type roasting machine. The fire in the machine is completely separated with corn and sweet potato. With firewood, burning coal, charcoal and other materials as fuels and uses distance heating mode to create a clean environment for the roasting of food. It leads to no loss of nutrients and ensures the original flavor of the food to make people eat more at ease and more happy.

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