The multifunctional peanut roasting machine is mainly composed of the transmission part, electrothermal tubes, electric control case and air outtake. With the application of temperature controller, the temperature inside the peanut roaster can be controlled automatically, which has the features of high automation, no noise, no pollution and high output. Peanuts, peanut kernels, chestnuts, almonds, walnuts, broadbean, coffee bean, sunflower seeds and other granular shape nuts and seeds can be roasted with the peanut roasting machine.

multifunctional peanut roasting machine

The multifunctional peanut roasting machine takes advantages of working principles of the rotary drum, heat conducting and heat radiation. Besides, we also can design the machine with coal, electricity or gas heating models according to clients’ requirements.

The multifunctional peanut roaster is highly automatic but cost less than the traditional roasting machines. It has the advantages of convenient conduction, high efficiency, fuel saving, endurable performance and so on. The roasted nut is of high quality and sanitation with good flavor.

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