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Video of KL-1 roasting machine for peanuts roasting

KL-1 peanut roasting machine

The roasting machine is mainly used in food processing industry. A temperature control instrument is used to control the temperature inside the machine automatically with high degree of automation. It is an ideal processing equipment for roasting granular foods like peanuts, hazelnuts, cashews, almonds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, pistachios and others. The roasting machine can be used in one set or in groups.
KL-1 Peanut Roasting MachineRoasted peanut,hazelnuts, cashews, almonds, sunflower seeds etc.
Our company's main products: Peanut roasting machine (electric type, coal type and gas type), peanut peeling machine, wrapping machine, coating machine and other peanut machinery. We can undertake various peanut leisure food production lines of spiced peanuts, flavored peanuts, peanut butter, etc. and provide free technical guidance. Welcome all friends to come to our company and negotiate!

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