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The electrical heating peanut roaster machine is a kind of new, high efficiency and energy-saving electrical roaster machine. It is developed on the basis of years of production experience of our factory and compared with similar products at home and abroad and combined the advantages of all kinds of roaster machines. The electrical heating peanut roaster machine has the merits of energy-saving and safe, healthy and convenient, fast temperature rising, low power consumption, stable performance, low operation cost, long service life and convenient operation and maintenance. The roasting quality conforms to the standards and requirements for food hygiene and international production standards. It is an ideal processing equipment for roasting granular foods such as peanuts, hazelnuts, cashews, almonds, melon seeds, sesame seeds and pistachio nuts.

KL-1 Peanut Roaster MachineRoasted hazelnuts, cashews, almonds, melon seeds etc.

There are two major types of roaster machines: ordinary type (carbon steel) and stainless steel type. The rotating drum of ordinary type is weaved by stainless steel, and the rest part is made of carbon steel. The rotating drum, blade, skin plating of the equipment, inlet hopper and outlet hopper of stainless steel type are all made of high quality stainless steel. The rotating drum of ordinary type and stainless steel type can adopt perforated plate type. Users can choose according to the material and their own requests. We can also design roaster machines of different purpose and forms according to your needs.


Specification of roasting machine

In the rotating process, the working temperature of roasting peanuts without red membrane is 180℃, the roasting time is about 20-25 minutes. The working temperature for peanuts with red membrane is 200-220℃ with the roasting time for 60-70 minutes. The working temperature for roasting peanuts in shell is 200-220℃ with the roasting time for 70-80 minutes. Because of different moisture of peanuts, the staff should roast 1-2 furnace first to get the data for bulk production.

Five major steps in the installation and trial running of peanut roaster machines

The peanut roaster machines produced by our company sell well overseas and have been recognized and praised by vast number of customers. The new purchased peanut roaster machine need trial running. The following is the trial running of the peanut roaster machine, hope it is helpful for you.

electrical heating peanut roaster machine1. The peanut roaster machine should be installed on horizontal concrete ground and fixed with anchor bolts.
2. In installation, the main machine body should be vertical to the horizontal.
3. After installation, you should check whether the bolts of all parts are loose and whether the door of main machine is fastened. If not, you need to fasten it.
4. Install the power lines of the motor and the control switch of the device.
5. Make a no load test after inspection of the machine. Normal production can be carried out when the test is normal.

The above is the introduction of the installation and trial running of the peanut roaster machine, I hope it may help you. We’ll take the best quality and good price to ensure the interests of every customer and have obtained customers' favorable comments. Welcome to inquire and order our products.

FAQ fo Roaster Mchine

1:How is the packing and shipping?
Answer: All the peeling machine are packed by standard wooden case package, or as your exact requests;

2. How long it will take for the delivery?
Answer: It depends on your needs. The spot goods can be arranged for delivery the same day. Customized goods is delivered according to the amount, about ten working days.

3:How is your roaster machine price?
Answer: The price will be different as your needs for different material, surface treatment, utility, power type etc.. As the end manufacturer,we could assure you the best prices.

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