Peanut Roasting Machine

Development of peanut roasting machine in China

In recent years, peanut roasting machine industry develops at the average growth rate of 10%~15% every year, while gross sales also increases at the rate of 10%. In terms of market capacity, the market demand for peanut roasting machine can reach 230 billion yuan. Currently, peanut roasting machine has been widely applied in people's life. The peanut roasting machine has many advantages: energy saving, safe, sanitation and convenience, fast temperature elevation, low power consumption, stable performance, low operation cost, long service life, convenient operation and maintenance and so on. Considering that the time for peanut roasting machine on the market is not long, there is no molding standard for peanut roasting machine. In terms of technology, in general, there are more stand-alone devices and less complete set; more universal models and less to meet the special requirements of special material; more products with low technological content and less products with high added value and productivity for mechanical peanut roasting machine in our country. The intelligent equipment is still in the development stage.


Peanut Roasting Machine peanut roasting Machine
KL-3 Peanut roasting machine

The roasting machine is mainly used for drying and roasting beans, nuts, peanuts (fruit), melon seeds, almonds, chestnuts, broad beans of food processing industry.
The machine uses rotary cage, taking electric heating (coal heating or gas heating) as the heat source. Under heat conduction and thermal radiation, hot air is used as the drying medium to make heat energy act on the baked object. In the roasting process, baked object inside the cage is continuously pushed forward and tumbling by the propulsion device and forms a continuous cycle to be heated evenly and effectively guarantee the baking quality. The roasting machine has automatic temperature control and timing device, the temperature is between 0-300 degrees and can be freely adjusted according to the required temperature of the material, which is very convenient to use.



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