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KZ Groundnut Roasting Machine

KZ series groundnut roasting machine mainly used for roasting or drying granular materials like groundnut fruit, peanut kernels, chestnut, walnut, almond, broad bean, coffee beans, melon seeds, etc. Adopting the rotary drum, heat conduction and thermal radiation theory, coal and electricity can be used as fuel with low production cost. It has been proved by many peanut manufacturers that the peanut roasting machine has features of easy operation, high efficiency and energy saving, durability and so on. The roasting products are of good quality, healthy and delicious. Welcome to purchase..

Groundnut Roasting Machine

Product features of groundnut roasting machine:

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Characteristic of Groundnut Roasting Machine

1. The groundnut roasting machine adopts horizontal structure of drum, with uniform heating and good sealing. The roasting result is quite well.
2. The outer layer of the drum takes high quality asbestos as heat preservation material. The insulation layer is with high performance and heat efficiency. The temperature needed for roasting different materials can be ensured. The roasted food tastes quite good. The roasting machine can save energy and time at the same time.
3. In the process of roasting, the roasted seeds and nuts in the drum are turned from all sides without sticking the drum.
4. It is convenient to take nuts out of the drum, nuts can be out of the drum for sieving and separation when pressing the reverse switch, artificial separation is no longer needed.

The usage of groundnut roasting machine

groundnut roasting machine plays an important role in the production of peanuts, then what should we do to make better use of groundnut roasting machine?

1. Put the groundnut roasting machine in a ventilated and dry place when not in use.
2. Preheating before use. Different roasting food requires different temperatures. The preheating temperature could be estimated according to the preheating time. For food with large moisture content, the preheating temperature should be higher; while for food with small particles and less moisture content like peanuts and sesame, the preheating temperature should be lower.
3. The penetration depth for roasting different food are not the same, for food with large penetration depth and small particles, the way of heating is different. It shows a temperature gradient that the inner temperature is higher than the surface, thus easy to be overcooked. Moreover, we should pay attention that the far infrared is still reflecting and haven't been absorbed completely when stop the machine for several minutes, so that the temperature will continue to rise to scorch the roasting peanuts, so it is very important to master the temperature.
4. Different food have distinct ability to adsorb, thus the heating rate is not the same. Therefore, the heating time should be different. For example, for peanut, melon seeds, sesame and other food with less absorption capacity and fast temperature elevation, the heating time can be shorter. Pay attention to stir the food frequently, so as to roast evenly. For food with large absorption capacity and slow temperature elevation like bread and biscuit, the roasting time should be prolonged and the food can be turned over instead of stirring during the roasting.

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