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KN-1 Chestnut Roasting Machine

KN-1 chestnut roasting machine is manufactured with stainless steel and designed according to the needs of the market with luxury and fashion model and combines the performance and advantages of various types of roasting machines, which is energy saving, high efficiency, safe and healthy.


Chestnut Roasting MachineChestnut Roasting Machine

Product usage:
Applies to chestnuts, peanuts, melon seeds, walnuts, sesame, soybeans and other nuts and dried fruits.

Features of vertical chestnut roasting machine:
1. Made of stainless steel with casters for easy moving;
2. Circular structure and beautiful appearance;
3. High strength and heat resistant glass with strong perspective, durable and good display effect;
4. Large capacity basin, 20L/cylinder can be fried at a time;
5. Equipped with fume extraction fan to clean the surrounding air, which is environmental protection;
6. Infrared heat lamp is used to enhance the display effect of chestnuts and more energy saving.

Video of chestnut roasting machine

Chestnut Roasting Machine Video-I Chestnut Roasting Machine-II

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