Peanut Roasting Machine

What are the precautions in the use of automatic peanut roasting machine?

Automatic peanut roasting machine is an important equipment in the process of nuts and seeds  processing. The following are the precautions in the use of automatic peanut roasting machine:


peanut roasting machine

1. After receiving the peanut roasting machine, it should be placed steadily. Check the gearbox and add engine oil.
2. For your life safety, please connect the ground wire and check if the voltage is normal, otherwise the motor would be damaged easily during operation of the peanut roaster machine.
3. Pull the switch. If the machine runs normally, then turn on the heating temperature.
4. The raw materials to be roasted, including melon seeds and peanuts should be uniform.
5. After ignition, the automatic peanut roasting machine runs. Add a certain amount of salt or fine sand (after cleaning), heating to 50 degrees or so), then put the material into the machine for roasting. The material can be discharged after turning yellow (it can also determined according to your own experience. You can take out some nuts and seeds to have a taste. The product can be discharges after tasting crisp).
6. When discharging the nuts, turn the reversing switch from "forward" to "stop" and wait for two seconds, then turn it from "stop" to "reverse". If turning the switch too fast, the material can not be discharged smoothly. It may also damage the motor of peanut roaster machine.
7. After roasting, do not stop the machine immediately. Keep the machine continue to rotate about 20 minutes or so, otherwise the temperature of the machine would be too high and easy to deform, which would influence your use of the equipment.

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