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How to extend the shelf life of roasted seeds and nuts?


Peanut roaster machine is the professional equipment for roasting all kinds of nuts and seeds. It has precise control of the temperature to guarantee the quality of the roasted nuts and seeds. Besides, the color and moisture content of the products are consistent, ensuring the taste of the products to meet the standard of quality.


roasted nuts and seeds

The shortage of human resources makes it easier and faster to operate the peanut roaster machine. In general, the peanut roasting machine would develops to be more intelligent, environmental protection, energy saving, time saving, precise temperature, wide range of application and easy operation. However, it has been an inevitable fact that there is excessive amount of peroxide in nuts and seeds, especially sunflower seeds and peanut products. How to make the shelf life of roasted nuts and seeds, such as sunflower seeds, reach 8-10 months or longer? The following are some advice.

(1) Selection of raw materials: select raw materials with excellent varieties, and pay special attention to the humidity of raw materials when purchasing. Generally, it cannot exceed 10%, and melon seeds and peanuts with excessive moisture content would mildew easily when stored.
(2) Storage environment of raw material: the warehouse should keep ventilated, dry and cool. The general storage temperature of raw material should be controlled below 25℃with relative humidity of below 75%. Check the quality of raw materials regularly to prevent oxidation or mildew in raw materials in the process of storage.
(3) Processing technology: under the condition of feasible technology, try to adopt low temperature drying process (generally between 80-130℃). Due to the less damage to antioxidants that seeds contain in low temperature drying process, so the shelf life is longer than roasted seeds.
(4) The packing bag should be made of low oxygen permeability and light insulation material, and it is recommended to choose aluminum film inside, which can extend the shelf life of the product.
(5) Add antioxidants: in the cooking process, add 0.02 - 0.05% nuts antioxidant according to the amount of water. The antioxidant can extend the shelf life of sunflower seeds to 2 to 4 times with the cost of just a few cents per kilogram.
(6) Application of deoxidizing agent and antioxidants: on the one hand, deoxidizer can make the oxygen concentration reduced in the packaging. On the other hand, it can effectively inhibit oxidation of residual oxygen on melon seeds, thus playing better antioxidant effect.

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