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The benefits of eating nuts processed by peanut roasting machine

Nuts and seeds have always been an important part of our diet. Eating more nuts in winter can keep us in good health. Nuts have been rated one of the top 10 nutritional foods of the modern age. Generally, there are two types of nuts: one is tree nuts, including almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, walnuts, pine nuts, chestnuts, white fruit (ginkgo), pistachios, macadamia, etc. The other is seeds, including peanuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, etc.


benefits of eating nuts

Nuts contain 36.0% of protein, 58.8% of fat, 72.6% of carbohydrate, and vitamin (B, E, etc.), trace elements (phosphorus, calcium, zinc, iron), dietary fiber, etc. In addition, it also contains monounsaturated  and polyunsaturated fatty acid, including linoleic acid and other essential fatty acids. The following are the benefits of several common nuts.

1. The walnut protects the heart and brain.
A Harvard study of 86, 000 women showed that people who consumed nuts during the decade had a lower risk of heart disease. Another study also confirmed that subjects who ate nuts five or more times a week were half as likely to have heart disease as those who rarely ate nuts.


The pistachio is described as a "friend of the heart", which can prevent dyslipidemia and atherosclerosis.  Magnesium and potassium in pine seeds help to lower blood pressure and keep the heart healthy. Walnuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, linolenic acid and phytosterols, which help to lower cholesterol levels. Hawaiian fruit has the effect of regulating blood fat and preventing stroke.


2. Anti-aging effect of peanuts
Nuts are rich in vitamin E and have strong scavenging free radical function, which can prevent premature aging. Among them, walnuts and peanuts have higher content of vitamin E, which is good for the skin health.


3. Pistachio nuts bring good mood
Studies have shown that vitamin B1 is closely related to the function of the nervous system. There is a higher risk of depression with low levels of vitamin B1 in the body. Hazelnuts and pistachios are particularly high in vitamin B1, which can be used as a meal snack for people with black mood.


4. Anti-diabetic complications of hazelnuts
American researchers at Harvard School of Public Health nutrition department made a tracking study on 84000 women among 34-59 in 11 countries for 16 years, the results showed that eating more nuts can significantly reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. This is mainly because the nutrients in nuts help improve blood sugar and insulin levels. The abundant magnesium content of hazelnuts can reduce the incidence of complications of diabetes and it is a perfect snack for diabetics.

Peanut roasting machine is an essential equipment for processing all kinds of nuts and seeds. It can improve the flavor and tastes of nuts and retain their nutrients. KMEC is a professional manufacturer specialized in the research, development and production of peanut roasting machine, peanut shelling machine, peanut butter production equipment and chain plate drying equipment. The peanut roaster machine produced by our company has the advantages of simple operation, high working efficiency and highly cost effective. Customers can contact us by emails to get more information about our peanut roasting machine.



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