This automatic peanut roasting machine is used for roasting various sizes and kinds of nuts and seeds, such as seasame, peanuts, hazenuts, almond, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds , pistachio,herbs and spices etc. The temperature is adjustable with optional speed mode. The peanut roaster machine has the following advantages:

automatic peanut roasting machine

(1) Low consumption. The machine uses composite drum, the thermal efficiency can be up to 95% and more than the traditional electric heating roasting equipment, saving more than 45% of energy.

(2) Time-saving and energy-saving. The electromagnetic heating machine drum does not require any heat transfer mode directly, and it can reach 100 ° C within 30 seconds after startup, improving the working efficiency and reducing the waste of heat energy during the conduction process.

(3) User-friendly design, intelligent control, parameter setting convenient and quick.
Accurate temperature control, low operating skills, temperature control in baking operations up to ± 2% accuracy to ensure the quality of nuts and seeds roasted in the peanut roasting machine. Therefore, the technical requirements of the operator is low, which can reduce the recruitment requirements.



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